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Host a Panel

Are you interested in hosting a panel? Perfect! All industry professionals, both big industry and indie startups, and devoted fans welcome to apply. We are looking for panels including discussions, workshops, lectures, and games.

To host a panel you must submit an application and pre-register for Pixies Street Con. Please read the rules and regulations below before applying.

Panelist Application Rules

  1. All submissions must be turned in by 

  2. Panel subjects should be relevant to comics, cosplay, anime/manga, gaming, sci-fi, and other pop-culture subjects.

  3. Please give detailed and accurate answers in your application. We want to be able to clearly understand what you have planned and see your dedication.

  4. Demeaning, rude, obscene, and derogatory remarks and content will not be tolerated. Panels must be appropriate to all ages.

  5. We will notify selected panels by April 1st, 2024 with a tentative schedule. Please contact us at if you have a change in plans or schedule.

Panelist Application

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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